Category: Structure

  • Announcing: Restructure 1.0.0

    In the process of writing Formula Control, I decided it was time to rethink my SQLite wrapper, Structure. I started writing my original library when Swift 1.0 was announced. It was migrated through the big language transitions of Swift and was starting to show its age. The framework was also my first attempt at writing […]

  • Structure 1.0.1

    Structure 1.0.1 has been released. This release brings minor changes to best practices for Swift. Specifically: Audited closures for use of @noescape. Audited parameter throws for use of rethrows. Concurrency testing.

  • Announcing: Structure 1.0

    Before Swift, projects that I worked on used SQLite directly. I could have done the same with Swift,┬ábut it felt like I could benefit from writing a wrapper. I used this as a means to teach myself Swift, as well as create something that I could reuse throughout my projects. Enter Structure! Structure is by […]