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  • Score Card 3.0 Released

    Score Card 3.0 has been released! Version 3.0 contains a series of changes to make the app more fun and convenient to run. The major changes include: Themes! Pick a theme that best suits your style. There are dark themes, light themes, low contract themes, colorful themes, and more. Sharing! Share the results of your […]

  • Score Card 2.4 Released

    Score Card 2.4 has been released. This version makes game headers more useful by displaying a player’s full name if there is room. When room is too tight, either their first three letters are shown, or their first initial is shown. It also make text bigger on iPadOS for better utilization of the screen. Get […]

  • Score Card 2.3 Released

    Score Card 2.3 has been released. This version beings trackpad and keyboard support in iPad OS, as well as improvements to Dark Mode. It also has an improved credits screen, and a new “What’s New” page, telling you exactly what you are reading here!