Category: Development

  • Score Card 2.4 Released

    Score Card 2.4 has been released. This version makes game headers more useful by displaying a player’s full name if there is room. When room is too tight, either their first three letters are shown, or their first initial is shown. It also make text bigger on iPadOS for better utilization of the screen. Get […]

  • Advent of Code 2020

    Update: I’ve rewritten the visualization and documented the process. Every year, I attempt to complete the Advent of Code. It’s a series of programming challenges that gives me an opportunity excise my coding ability in new and unique ways. I was unable to complete this year. Life sometimes just gets in the way. I did […]

  • Restructure 2.1.0 Released

    Restructure 2.1.0 is a minor feature release. sqliteVersion has been added to inspect the version of SQLite that is being used. has been removed as it is no longer safe nor supported. This release also adds Dynamic Member Lookup to the Row class, allowing the use of property-like accessors. For example: