Category: Development

  • Advent of Code In 3D!

    In my previous post, I detailed how I combined CoreGraphics, AVFoundation, and Metal to quickly view and generate visualizations for Advent of Code. With this new set up, I wondered, could I do the image generation part completely in Metal? I have been following tutorials from Warren Moore (and his Medium page), The Cherno, and […]

  • Advent of Code Visualizer Redux

    For the past couple of years, I’ve done my Advent of Code submissions in Swift, and used a custom pipeline of CoreGraphics, Metal, and AVFoundation to streamline the creation of visualizations. This worked great, but the solution to do this felt a little hacky. I’ve now rewritten this pipeline to follow modern practices and be […]

  • Formula Control 2.2 Released

    Shortly after releasing Score Card 3.0, Apple sent me the dreaded “you’re app will be delisted” message for Formula Control. There’s nothing really different with the app, outside of it being recompiled.