Category: Advent of Code

  • Advent of Code In 3D!

    In my previous post, I detailed how I combined CoreGraphics, AVFoundation, and Metal to quickly view and generate visualizations for Advent of Code. With this new set up, I wondered, could I do the image generation part completely in Metal? I have been following tutorials from Warren Moore (and his Medium page), The Cherno, and […]

  • Advent of Code Visualizer Redux

    For the past couple of years, I’ve done my Advent of Code submissions in Swift, and used a custom pipeline of CoreGraphics, Metal, and AVFoundation to streamline the creation of visualizations. This worked great, but the solution to do this felt a little hacky. I’ve now rewritten this pipeline to follow modern practices and be […]

  • Long Lost Advent of Code Visualizations

    As is tradition with Advent of Code, I make visualizations of some of the solutions. Nowadays, I do it in a fancy way using Apple’s APIs to draw, present, and encode the visualization for me. Prior to that, I used to solve the problems with Ruby. I would output a series of images and then […]